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Current Open Positions

power boat school picture at the helmThe Chapman School is actively seeking maritime teachers for part-time classroom as well as boat handling instructors. Must have Captains License and maritime experience to qualify to work in at our power boat school.
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Program Coordinator

Job Purpose

To ensure that all classes are scheduled to most efficiently utilize the talents and availability of the School's instructors; and in cooperation with the Admissions Office, maintain all student academic and related training activity records. Coordinate the curriculum to insure standardized instruction. Work as a liaison with the USCG in record keeping. If Captain licensed, fill in as a substitute teacher for the classroom and boat handling classes. Assist in the acquisition of boat handling instructors, credentialing and preparing them to teach the "Chapman Way".

Required Skills

The Coordinator must develop a mastery of the computer program used to maintain student records.  For that, he/she must be very proficient in excel, access, word documents, power point, and other computer applications.  Working knowledge of data bases needed.

The Coordinator must have a background in the boating industry consisting of mariner training and experience. Preference given to USCG Licensed Captains.  A good working knowledge of boats needed.

One must be an effective communicator with other school employees, instructors and students. Teamwork and cooperation skills are required to work with all school personal.


This is a full time position, 40 hours per week, 8 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday. Some additional time may be necessary on occasion.

Call Jennifer at 772-283-8130 or send resume to j.field@chapman.org

U.S.C.G - Captain/Powerboat Handling Instructor

Part Time Position
Teaching underway powerboat handling.  USCG 100-ton Masters license preferred.

U.S.C.G / ASA Sail Instructor

Part Time Position
For local and off-shore voyages.  ASA certified for levels 101-106