Paul & Aleta Shirley - Charitable Gifts

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paul and Aleta Shirley have been more than generous in their financial support of the Chapman School. Paul Shirley first became acquainted with the Chapman School as a student in its Professional Mariner Training Course in 1999. He completed the course with one of the highest grade averages in the School's history and, in the process, embraced its mission. Paul's financial support of the School began when he prevailed upon his parents, Edward and Triss Shirley, to support the School with major cash donations through the Shirley family foundation.

Since the passage of Paul's parents, he and Aleta have continued to bless the School. Their most recent donation of $180,000 is being used to upgrade the School's computer network; the installation of a new campus ecology-friendly lighting system; and student dormitory upgrades such as Wi-Fi capability and other improvements.

Needless to say, we are most grateful to the Shirleys.