The History of Chapman School

". . . There is a magic about the sea.  I believe if someone tries to make his life's work out of it, he will find fulfillment no other work can offer. I believe the magic will rub off on many who would never had the opportunity without the School to which I have proudly lent my name . . ."
-Charles Frederic Chapman, Co-Founder, 1971
The Charles F. Chapman School of Seamanship, Inc. was founded in 1971 by the late Glen D. Castle and the late Charles Frederic Chapman and incorporated in Florida in 1972.  Castle, an experienced mariner, and Chapman, the veteran boating editor of Motor Boating & Sailing and author of the best selling Piloting, Seamanship & Small Boat Handling, made an interesting combination.

Because of their love for the sea and concern for the lack of maritime vocational training other than from four year institutions, they joined together to found the not-for-profit institution to which Chapman gave his name.       
From Mr. Chapman, opening doors to the marine industry, nautical support and friendship, to Capt. Castle, adding his own salty sea flavor, to his wife Jennifer who steadied the helm by providing business sense and talented crew, the School has moved into its third decade known world wide for the ability and quality of its graduates in both our career and pleasure boating programs.
Classes began at the School on board a 93 ft. former Coast Guard cutter gifted by Canadian monks. From its humble beginnings, the School grew from one vessel/classroom to an 8-acre campus, from 3 students to 1,100 a year and to a training fleet of 30 vessels. After weathering some stormy seas early on, the School has grown to become a world renowned maritime institution.
Charles Chapman's influence in the yachting community combined with Glen Castle's experience as a yacht captain opened doors to careers in the marine industry and enjoyable boating for well trained men and women. Following Captain Castle's death in 1983, his widow Jennifer steadied the helm by providing determination, business sense and building a talented, dedicated crew to successfully guide the School into its fourth decade. The School is now known throughout the world for the capability of its graduates.
If you would like to support the Chapman School, please consider donating your boat. You can learn more about the process and how a donation helps the school in the "Boat Donations" section of this website.