Mariner Training - Grading Policy

Tests & Examination - Examinations will be scheduled throughout the program at the end of each course. Instructors may average quizzes or other grades with the examination to determine each grade. Grades may be reviewed by the student upon request.
Final Grade - The final course grade will be based on the average of all of the grades. Each course grade will be calculated on a weighted scale based against the total number of hours in the course. To qualify for graduation, the final average must be a minimum of 70%.
Student Progress - All student records will be kept on file for the viewing by the student and authorized parties. A standard system of weighted percentages is used for recording student progress. To remain in good standing, a student must maintain an average of 70% or better. If the grades on record at any time period appear to place the student in academic jeopardy, a progress report will be issued and a student/administration conference will be held. At the time of this conference, the student will be given a period of time during which he/she must pass course work that will bring the average up to satisfactory.
If grades are not brought up to passing, the student may be terminated for unsatisfactory progress. Re-entry will be at the discretion of the School’s administration.