Library and Museum General Information

Florida Boat School LibraryAs a world renowned maritime school, The Chapman Library & Museum is a campus based maritime reference library and marine artifacts collection which offers students and visitors alike a quiet place to broaden their nautical knowledge.


Library & Museum Wish List

  • maritime school museumShip Models
  • Cork-Filled Life Jackets
  • Old Fresh & Salt Water Fishing Gear
  • Memorabilia from the Great Passenger Liners
  • Menus, table wear, dishes, glassware, silver
  • Poster, parts & pieces, etc.
  • Nautical Literature, charts & books
Another way to support the school is to consider donating your boat! Donations are tax deductible.


We are please to announce the arrival of "Treasures From the Deep", artifacts from a Spanish galleon sunk in the mid 1600's in waters just off shores along the Treasure Coast.
Attention Locals: 
The Library can use some help to catalog and assist guests.  Come by and talk with us.

Flash! Book Reviews!

The first of the Library's Nautical Book Reviews will be reviewed by our nautical Library volunteers. These "bits" of info will be useful to you. Feel free to browse our Titles.
Also: Watch for "preview" chapters of the new book by Priscilla Buy, 18 Months with 18 Men, the circumnavigation on the Irving Johnson Brigantine YANKEE.