CPC 200 - Course Description

The 2 days / 12 hours of underway instruction will be held on a vessel that is either : I/O or Outboard; Twin or Single Inboard.

Your course begins with a dockside vessel orientation and pre-departure inspection followed by close quarters maneuvering practice including:

  • Docking and Undocking in a protected slip, bow and stern first.
  • 360 degree turns in tight quarters.
  • Coming alongside a facing pier (such as a fuel dock), both port and starboard to.
  • Backing down 100 yards in a narrow channel
  • Docking bow and stern first with only one engine operable.
  • Docking and undocking using springlines.

Instructors will also cover:

  • Vessel refueling safety procedures.
  • Proper use of VHF marine radio.
  • Understanding and using Navigational Aids and basic Rules of the Road.