CPC 1000 - Course Description

Seamanship & Safety (8 hours) - Includes seamanship under power, boating laws and regulations, operating your boat safely, marlinspike and line handling.
Navigation (6 hours) - Includes aids to navigation, basic chart navigation and an introduction to plotting tools and dead reckoning.
Intro to Boat Maintenance (2 hours) - Includes procedures for conducting a pre-departure vessel check out and an overview of routine and preventive vessel maintenance.
Introduction to Marine Electronics (2 hours) - Includes how to use a marine VHF radio, depth sounder and GPS unit (Global Positioning System). 
Boat Handling (12 hours) - Underway boat handling exercises including docking bow and stern first in a protected slip, backing down 100 yards in a narrow channel, coming alongside a facing pier, both port and starboard (e.g., a fuel dock), 360 degree turns in tight quarters, identifying and using aids to navigation (underway) and correct procedures for anchoring along with an anchoring exercise.