Sailing & A.S.A - Objectives

Levels 101 - 106

Whether you are considering the purchase of a larger sailboat or seeking American Sailing Association certifications or simply want to learn to sail, you can choose from several programs offered here at Chapman School.

  • Live-aboard Offshore Sailing 7 days/6 nights
  • ASA day Certifications - Taken as a separate course or with classes listed above.
  • Private Instruction - Designed just for you
American Sailing Association - The American Sailing Association (A.S.A.) established certification courses for qualified sailors are based on internationally recognized standards of boating safety and competence.
The Chapman School is pleased to be able to award A. S. A. certificates to qualifying students for several levels of A.S.A. competency. A.S.A. certificates may be accepted by bareboat sail charters as evidence of the holder’s competence and may also qualify a sailboat owner for marine insurance premium discounts.
Training Vessels - All training vessels used for Offshore Sailing are of an ocean going type and operated by USCG licensed captains/instructors.