Sailing & A.S.A - Course Descriptions

A.S.A. 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing (3 Days) - This 3-day course is designed for individuals with limited or no sailing experience. The educational objectives include nautical terminology, sail theory, points of sail, safety equipment, man overboard procedures, basic rules of the road, helmsmanship, knot tying and line handling and gives an extra day of sailing on the water. We highly recommend this for the novice sailor. Includes 1 year ASA membership.
**A.S.A. 101 Basic Keelboat Challenge (1 Day) - Test out on level 101 without staff instruction.
Includes 1 year ASA membership.
A.S.A. 103 Basic Coastal Cruising (3 Days) - The educational objectives of Basic Coastal Cruising include refined sail theory, safety and safety equipment, reefing, man overboard, rules of the road, aids to navigation, helmsmanship, boat handling under power, heaving to, knots, bends, hitches, line handling, chart reading, crew responsibilities, weather observation, basic engine operations and anchoring. *Prerequisite: A.S.A. 101
**A.S.A. 103 Basic Coastal Challenge (2 Days) - Test out on level 103 without staff instruction.
A.S.A. 104 Intermediate Coastal Cruising (Bareboat Chartering) - Prerequisite: A.S.A. 101,103. Only offered in conjunction with the 7 day Offshore Sailing trip and is included in that tuition. This program helps to prepare you to skipper your own sailing yacht by building on the knowledge and skills acquired in A.S.A. 101 and 103 The educational objectives include cruise planning, survival equipment, weather forecasting, engine troubleshooting, anchoring, docking and undocking under power, coastal piloting and chart navigation.
A.S.A. 105 Coastal Navigation (1 Day) - The educational objectives are reading chart symbols, use of the U.S. Coast Guard navigation publication tables, light list, notice to mariners, chart navigation, calculating DR positions, 3 bearing fixes, electronic fixes, set and drift computations, compass to true and compass deviation. *No prerequisite when taken with Offshore Sailing and is included in that tuition. May also be taken with administrative approval as a non-cruising challenge.
A.S.A. 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising - Prerequisite: A.S.A. 101,103, 104 and 105. Only offered in conjunction with the 7 day Offshore Sailing trip and is included in that tuition. The objective of this program is to prepare the individual to act as skipper of a sailing vessel in the 30 to 50 foot range in coastal water in any condition. Educational objectives include heavy weather seamanship, sail changes, sea anchors, stability, fatigue, special anchor techniques, towing operations, groundings, engine trouble shooting and maintenance, lightning protection, dinghy towing and night time man overboard drills.
**To challenge 101 or 103, you must be prepared with sufficient personal sailing knowledge and skills. To challenge a level, you are required to pass both a written and practical exam without instruction. Your instructor will ask you to perform the practical skills listed in the A.S.A. log book for the level chosen. You must receive a grade of 100% in order to take the written part of the exam. Then, if you pass the written exam with a minimum grade of 80%, you will be approved for the appropriate certificate.
Live-aboard Offshore Sailing (7 days / 6 nights) - Whether you are considering sailing certifications or just want to learn to sail, our 7 day/6 night sailing program is the way to go. This live-aboard program has a five student minimum and the tuition includes the following with no hidden costs:
  • A full seven day/six night cruise.
  • ASA Captain/Instructor fees & daily instruction.
  • Provisions for entire cruise.
  • 1 nights dockage.
  • All ASA textbooks (sent to you in advance), exams and certification seals for the two levels for which you qualify if you choose to train for ASA certifications.
  • No collision damage waiver fee or additional deposits.
Offshore Sailing Payments - A $880 non-refundable deposit is due with the Enrollment Application. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send you written acceptance along with course study materials and itinerary. The non-refundable tuition balance of $915.00 is due no later than 45 days prior to the day of departure. We do not  recommend that you purchase non-refundable transportation until we confirm the required minimum of five students has been met.
Offshore Sailing Description - The course begins on a Saturday at 3:00 PM at the Ft. Lauderdale location. The cruise will be in the waters of South Florida and the Florida Keys. Should the vessel become weathered in, the Chapman School will provide sufficient provisions until the vessel returns to her home port of Ft. Lauderdale. Students taking this course should fly into Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. Classes for the Offshore programs start at 3:00 P.M. on Saturday.
Orientation and Vessel Preparation - Students meet to get acquainted with each other, their instructor and the vessel that will be their home throughout the program. A voyage plan will be made, crew responsibilities assigned and safety requirements reviewed.
Except for the first night, and one dinner while alongside the dock, all provisions are provided by the Chapman School and will be aboard the vessel in sufficient quantity to feed everyone. When completing the Registration Form, please note any dietary restrictions so that menus can be planned appropriately. When at dockside, the student may choose to dine ashore.
On board Review & Dockside Procedures - All hands will help prepare the vessel for departure following a pre-departure checklist. The checklist will include all maintenance systems and equipment. Safety equipment will be inventoried, its condition checked and storage locations noted. Immediately prior to departure, a review will be conducted of all safety procedures, rules of the road, watch assignments and crew control. A review will be conducted of regulations and rules governing the handling of waste products, potential pollutants and other materials damaging to the marine environment. Procedures for handling lines, fenders and leaving the dock will be reviewed, then executed as the trip begins.
Underway Procedures & Activities - Throughout the voyage, all hands will stand helm watches. They will review and practice authorized radio procedures, boat handling and helmsmanship, hoisting and furling sails, reefing for heavy winds, sail trim and balance, tacking and jibing, chart reading, navigation and safety procedures, man overboard exercises and other activities related to the chosen ASA level(s) of study.
Final Review and Testing for those seeking ASA certification:

Offshore Sailing - Students may elect to take up to two levels of ASA certification, at no additional cost, during the Offshore Sailing cruise. Prior to arrival back at Chapman School, the captain will review the information and then administer the ASA written exam(s). Upon successful completion of both the practical and written exam(s), students will be approved for the ASA certificate.

For complete details on ASA certifications, please refer to the American Sailing Association (ASA) brochure.
Clothing and Equipment
Day Sailors - Hat, water, shorts, T-shirt, sunblock, rain gear and boat shoes.
Offshore Sailors - Each student should bring clothing of a type suitable for shipboard living and sufficient to last for the duration of the trip. ONLY SOFT LUGGAGE WILL BE PERMITTED aboard the training vessel in the form of one large or two small duffel or flight bags.
Recommended Clothing & Other Personal Items:
  • Boating shoes and warm socks.
  • Sweater and warm jacket.
  • One semi-dress outfit for dinner or R&R ashore.
  • Washcloth and large beach towel.
  • Aspirin or equivalent.
  • Bathing suits and sun block.
  • 3 or 4 pairs of shorts and T-shirts.
  • Foul-weather gear.
  • Seasick medication.
  • Prescribed medications and prescription bottles with the user's name on the label.