Recreational Programs

The Chapman School is committed to boating safety through education. It is the best way to keep pleasure boating just that, a pleasure.
We at the Chapman School firmly believe that the key to enjoying your boating time with friends and family lies in your ability to operate your vessel with knowledge and competence.  This competency can be generated and confirmed with our certification program, Chapman Powerboat Certification (CPC).  These certifications may also assist with chartering and purchasing vessel insurance. These programs provide hands-on training and confidence in sharing the waterways with others. 
Pleasure boat owners desiring an intensive course may choose our Mariner Training to learn all they can about their vessels, especially if they are planning long ocean voyages or living aboard for extended periods.
Our recreational programs are not Licensed by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education.
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Chapman Powerboat Certification (CPC) Programs
Experienced boaters know how unpredictable the sea can be. Prudent skippers realize that proper knowledge and preparation are required to safely and confidently handle the many situations that can and often do arise while at sea. Responsible boaters consider safety and competence at the helm a serious matter and that's precisely why we developed CPC.
This multilevel, power vessel training program provides standardized instruction and certification for both novice and advanced recreational boaters. All instruction is provided by professional, United States Coast Guard licensed Captains through a combination of classroom and “learn at the helm” sessions. With the completion of each certification level, students acquire the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to safely and confidently skipper a vessel in a wide variety of situations.  
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