CSC 200 - Sailboat Handling

CSC 200 - Educational Objectives

This is the 2nd certification level in the CSC series and has been specifically designed to build on the skills learned in the CSC 100 Sailing Fundamentals program.

The program is geared toward those individuals who have learned and practiced the basic fundamental sailing skills and who wish to enhance their experience and comfort level while   operating a sailing vessel.        

Through the  Chapman School’s unique “Learn at the Helm”™ teaching, students are able to combine elements taught in the classroom with underway practice onboard one of the Chapman School’s fleet training vessels. 


Please contact the Registrar or Student Services
for class availability at 772-283-8130.

Course Description


Weather Helm/Lee Helm

Pocedures to eliminate a sailing vessel's lee helm and reduce a vessel's excessive weather helm.


Sail Trim

How to properly trim your boat's sails to match your course and apparent wind direction.


Tacking And Jibing

How to properly execute the two basic turning maneuvers under sail.


Running Wing and Wing

How to properly set sails to run "wing & wing" and avoid an accidental jibe.


Rigging for Heavy Winds

How to properly shape and reef you sails as the wind increases.


Jacklines, Teathers & Harnesses

Correct set up and use of safety equipment designed to keep crew aboard the vessel or to help keep you attached to the vessel should you fall overboard.


On the Water Skills

Sailboat skills and boat handling where students put their newly learned skills to the test with specially structured underway exercises aboard a Chapman training vessel.   

Training includes 4 hours of classroom and 12 hours underway boat handling aboard a mono hull sailing vessel.





Students who successfully complete the course and pass the CSC written exam and the boat handling skills test given at the end of the program will be awarded a “Certificate of Completion” from the Chapman School of Seamanship. 


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