Portable- Midrange Engines

Course Description

Portable Engines F/T 9.9 Platforms Midrange Engines F20/40 Platforms

Students of this course must have completed the prerequisite level Introduction to Outboard Systems (ITOS) course.

Using a balance of lectures and real-world interactive labs combined with competency testing, students will become proficient in performing 20,100,500,1000 hour service procedures.

When a technician passes the Yamaha Marine Maintenance Certification exam, marine service employers can feel confident the verified technician can demonstrate proficiency in real-world marine service competencies.

Core Competencies (64 hrs. Theory)

  • Understanding Routine Maintenance intervals
  • Engine oil and filter changes
  • Lower unit gear oil changes
  • Water pump service
  • Spark plug service
  • Timing belt service
  • Valve train adjustments
  • Fuel filter service
  • Compression tests
  • Understanding and utilizing maintenance manuals and charts
  • Additional Learning Outcomes
  • Students will also be introduced to the following:
  • Yamalube® lubricants
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Electrical System basics
  • Entry level rigging procedures
  • Service and Owner’s Manuals
  • Propellors

Labs (96 hrs. Lab)

  • Maintenance Training Courses:
  • Portable - F9.9B/T9.9B -Section 7
  • Midrange - F30A/F40A -Section 7
  • Battery Inspection Lab
  • 703 Remote Control Lab
  • Grease Points /Cowling Manual Tilt and Hydro Tilt Labs
  • Tiler Handle Lab
  • Spark Plug/Resistor Caps Lab
  • Propeller Lab
  • Compression Test Lab

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