Portable & Midrange Engines - Yamaha

Educational Objectives

  • To facilitate mastery of maintenance tasks associated with various Yamaha outboard engines, as per the service interval requirements in the applicable service manuals for 20, 100, 500 and 1000 hours of engine operation.
  • Training is provided using a balance of lectures, real-world interactive labs, and competency testing.
  • Students who successfully complete the course will receive Yamaha Marine Maintenance Certifications in the - Portable Engines F/T 9.9 Platforms - Midrange Engines F30/40 Platforms
  • This is a continuing education program designed for students wishing to expand their knowledge and expertise in Yamaha Outboard Engines.

2023 Class Schedule

Course Start Date Ending Date Holidays
Portable & Midrange Engines      
04-23 08/21 09/15 09/04
05-23 10/30 11/24 11/23 & 11/24