PMT - Admission

To qualify for admission, the student must be 18 years of age or older and in overall good health. The successful student must be able to use mathematical skills and the English language in order to fully benefit from the program. Foreign students should score at least 500 in the TOEFL exam or its equivalent.
A high school graduation, state secondary equivalency diploma (GED) or evidence of student's ability to benefit from instruction is required. Please have a copy of your high school, college or previous training transcript sent to the Registrar. Although previous experience can be helpful, it is not essential for successful completion of this program. Previous training and education will be evaluated and appropriate credit given.
The Enrollment Agreement must be completed and signed (by the parent or guardian if the applicant is younger than 18) and returned to the School along with the $150 registration fee. Class starting dates are listed in the program schedule. Students may enroll in this course through the third day of class. Students must have an official photo ID at the start of class. Once classes start, students may not change or downgrade to another program.
Every effort is made to provide as much attention as possible to individual student needs. Class enrollment varies from 10 to 20 depending on the time of year. The usual student/instructor ratio for boat handling is 5 to 1, or less.