PMT - Grading Policy

Tests & Examinations - Examinations will be scheduled during each course. Instructors may average quizzes or other grades with the examination to determine each course grade. These grades may be reviewed by the student upon request.
Final Grade - The final program grade for the 399 hours of the program will be based on the weighted average of all of the course grades depending on the number of hours in each course. To qualify for graduation, the final average during this period must be a minimum of 70%. 
Student Progress - All student records will be kept on file for viewing by the student and authorized parties.
A standard system of weighted percentages is used for recording student progress. To remain in good standing, a student must maintain an average of 70% or better.
If a student’s average falls below 70%, he or she may be permitted to continue in school for an additional time period established at the time of a progress report. During this time, the student is required to pass coursework with grades that will bring his or her average up to satisfactory.  This period will be considered probationary.  If grades are not brought up to passing, the student will be terminated for unsatisfactory progress. At this point, veterans benefits may be interrupted. Re-entry will be at the discretion of the School’s administration.