PMT - Graduation & Job Search Assistance

Requirements for Graduation - The Chapman School awards a Diploma. All attendance requirements must be met and any financial obligations to the School satisfied. A final average of 70% or better is required.
Job Search Assistance - An active job search assistance program is maintained with additional help being provided in preparing for job interviews and writing resumes. Assistance is afforded to those who maintain satisfactory academic progress and proper standards of personal conduct. The instructors and administration are consulted in these matters.
To enhance employment opportunities, students are encouraged to obtain a current passport and a Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) card prior to the beginning of class. The School has contact with employers in all major areas of the boating industry. These include charter and private yacht owners, offshore mineral and oil operations, maritime research organizations and sport fishermen. Graduates who maintain an acceptable employment record are afforded this service on an ongoing basis. The School cannot guarantee job placement.