U.S.C.G - About License Training

Licensing programs are offered to the maritime professional who has the time on the water, but not the credential.  Taught by experienced instructors, these courses prepare the student with the skills, training and testing to pursue licenses from the OUPV - Operator of an Uninspected Passenger Vessel of Less Than 100 GRT to Master Less Than 200 GRT.  This training may also include Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement.

USCG License Package Review Service

Applying for a USCG License or renewing an existing USCG License?
Chapman School can guide you through the process and assist you in getting your USCG package ready to submit.
Non Refundable Service fee (includes electronic submission of package to USCG)
  • Initial Application/Renewal & Raises in Grade Simple - $70
  • Initial Application/Renewal & Raises in Grade Complex - $100
Contact School Registrar for full details at  registrar@chapman.org or telephone 772-283-8130.