YSCS - Educational Objectives

  • To prepare men and women for entry into the field of yacht and small craft surveying.
  • To impart to them the needed technical knowledge and the highest sense of ethical, business and professional honesty.
  • To provide others in the marine industry, such as insurance adjustors and underwriters as well as corporate, government and military personnel with in-depth knowledge of boat systems and values.
A competent marine surveyor requires in-depth technical and market knowledge. Involved is the knowledge of hull design, construction methods & materials and what happens to them under various conditions of use and service. The same applies to vessel propulsion, navigation, communication, electrical and waste disposal systems.
The course is designed to equip the student to recognize, evaluate and communicate findings in such a manner as to leave no doubt as to the condition of the vessel at the time of survey. Instructional methods include classroom lecture and on board demonstration, guest lecturers noted for their expertise in the field, practice surveys, and report preparation.
Our goal is to provide a balanced curriculum developing technical knowledge coupled with high business integrity.