YSCS - Course Descriptions

Yacht & Small Craft Surveying - Total: 180 hours

Hull Design, Construction and Materials (53 hours) - The hull is a boat’s essential element, and hull integrity is the result of proper design and construction. Students will study design and give consideration to fiberglass, wood, steel, aluminum, ferro cement and other boat building materials and methods. Special emphasis is given to the detection of deficiencies.
Propulsion & Support Systems (54 hours) - An examination of sail and engine powered propulsion systems, including all components and test methods. Navigation, communication, fresh water, galley, heating, venting, air conditioning, waste disposal, running, rigging, electrical and fuel systems are also studied.
Business, Professional & Legal Considerations (29 hours) - An exploration of marine surveying as a business and its professional, ethical and legal aspects.
Surveys & Survey Reports (44 hours) - A professional surveyor follows a step-by-step procedure that begins with an assessment of the hull’s seaworthiness and a detailed inspection of the vessel’s systems. Each student will conduct three (3) complete surveys and prepare Reports of Survey.
Important Note:
The school requires that all student survey reports be typed. In order to comply with this requirement students must supply a personal computer or typewriter.